Are there any weight restrictions?
We have a maximum weight of 110 kg per paddler.
What clothing should you wear?
Bring comfortable clothing. We are not doing a marathon, but a bit of paddling will keep us warm during kayaking. We sometimes get a bit wet out there, especially when our seals are in a splashy mood. We will give you waterproof booties, pants and jackets to make sure your own clothes stay dry.
What about physical disabilities?
Disabilities can be a challenge, but they do not necessarily exclude you from kayaking with us. Let us know about your situation, and we will see what we can do.
Where is Pelican Point?
The drive to Pelican Point takes roughly one hour and includes a few stops along the way for pictures and some general information on the area. You are welcome to follow us in your own 4x4 if want to drive on the beach yourself.
Is Kayaking experience needed? Do you need to be fit?
No and no. Our kayaking is a scenic tour, not a sports event. General health is a must, please let us know if you have any particular condition that might affect your kayaking abilities, like a pregnancy or immobility.
Is there a minimum age?
Yes, 3 years. Departures with small children are strictly weather depending and we reserve the right to stop the tour immediately if we feel any kind of threat or danger. We have life jackets for small children. Our son Dylan (4 years) and our daughter Nina (3 years) love kayaking with us.
Is safety equipment provided?
You need to wear a life jacket at all times when kayaking with us, different sizes are available. We always carry a waterproof radio to be connected to our office in Walvis Bay, and we are in cell phone range most of the time, if we ever have an emergency.
What will the weather be like?
Good question - our weather is very unpredictable. We check all available forecasts, but there is always a chance of error. If the weather is too rough, Naude will make the call and cancel.
What about food and drinks?
We bring brötchen, coffee, tea and juice along to get our energy back after kayaking. Please don't forget to eat something before the tour as we might burn a bit of energy on the water. Please let us know if you are vegetarian.
Are there any sharks?
There are NO dangerous sharks around. We have Bronze Whalers, but they feed on octopus and squid, not seals, and definitely not kayakers. There have never been any incidents between humans and sharks in Namibia. Ever.
Can I bring my camera?
Absolutely. We will see plenty of birds and other animals on our way to Pelican Point. Duing Kayaking, Naude will use our waterproof camera to take pictures of you, we will email you the link after the tour to download. We use Dropbox to store all our pictures. It is convenient, easy and free
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