New staff member

Our team is getting bigger. Elmi joined Pelican Point Kayaking earlier this week to help with our admin to make sure we can reply to your requests as quick as possible. Welcome to our kayaking family, Elmi.


Adjusted departure times

2018 is the first year in Namibia without daylight savings. We don’t want to depart for kayaking in the dark, so we decided to adjust our departure time to 8h30 from 01 May until 31 August (4 months). Of you have booked with us already, we will send you an email to let you know of the changes!


Time for the kids

February is a rather quiet time for tourism in Namibia - but it is the perfect time to take our kids kayaking. The seals were extra playful and the kids have a perfect family outing at Pelican Point. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful country.

Family outing

Red Tide

Bit of a toxic red tide in the Walvis Bay lagoon this morning, causing major excitement for the birds, and mass movement of fish to the beach in an attempt to find some oxygenated water. Taken at the Walvis Bay Yacht club this morning.
Toxic 2Toxic 1

Thank you, Jens

After more than 4 years, we are saying goodbye to our guide Jens. We wish you all the best for your future. You will be missed in our team. Thank you for being part of Pelican Point Kayaking since the early beginnings in 2013.


Southern Rights

On the day we had the Southern Right whales, we were lucky enough to have a young Polish Couple join us that have been travelling in their own vehicle for the last 17 months straight. They shot these amazing images and kindly let us share them. Huge thanks to Jacek Krzeszewski and his page Szpilki Na Mapie @szpilikinamapie


The first flamingo chicks have arrived!

So super happy to announce the arrival of the young flamingos. These Greater Flamingo chicks are the first returnees of the season, and the first new juveniles in the Walvis Bay lagoon in about 5 years! They've most likely come in from Etosha pans. Good stuff. Hope there are many, many more to come.

Chicks2Chicks 1

Perfect outings

Summer just doesn't seem to end lately. Have the most amazing weather still on a daily basis and the seals just can't get enoughHappy


What a year it has been!

2016 is slowly coming to an end. We would like to thank all of our guests for joining us on tour, we had a fantastic season with lots of seals and dolphins entertaining us on a daily basis. On a personal level, this was our hardest year so far as our little daughter Nina (5) was diagnosed with cancer last year. Katja had to relocate to Cape Town for 15 months for Nina’s treatment. The good news: Nina is in remission, her hair is growing back, and she is the happy girl she has always been.

One of the most interesting experiences from 2016 was Naude’s dolphin video. Maybe you have seen it somewhere else on the internet. Naude helped a little Benguela dolphin back into the water and he published the video on our Facebook site. Within a few hours, we had 1 million (!!) viewers, many many many more to come. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link:

Unusual and not dangerous shark visitor

This morning, as we arrived at the point, something thrashing in the shallows caught my eye. I jumped in and pulled out this young Thresher Shark! A first ever for me along our coast. He was chased into the shallows by some seals. After they left, I managed to revive him nicely and he swam off quite happy.


National geographic mentioning us!

Through the course of Last year i assisted Austin Gallagher out with some information regarding this paper he wrote and published in he African Journal of Marine Science. It's a super interesting read if you've even been to Pelican Point before. I'm just stoked they used my picsHappy

Surrounded by Humpback Whales

A few days ago, we were lucky enough to have 2 huge humpback whales swim close by the beach while we were setting up. We raced into the water and gave chase. We got pretty close, with Wally leading the charge... Unfortunately the light was not ideal for photos.


Naude is back on the water

After nearly a month off the water, due to illness in the family, i really felt that the animals welcomed me back big time yesterday. This bottle-nose dolphin jumped so close that i could not even fit him in the frame of the camera(the shot is uncroped!) Shortly after this, a young seal kept on climbing on board my kayak just to hang out with me. A good day on the water indeed....

good day 2Good day1

New DSLR housing has arrived

Waited forever for my new DSLR water housing, but it finally arrived, and have been having an awesome time testing out.


Leopard Seal sighting in Walvis Bay

What a surprising visitor! One of our local fishermen and his wife Petro Scheun found this leopard seal yesterday afternoon on their way to Sandwich Harbour. This is probably the first recorded sighting of this species in Namibia, they are normally found in Antarctica and southern ocean islands. We tried to find the leopard seal this morning, but we are not sure which way he went. Let us know if you hear anything, and our guides will be on the lookout. So far, he has not made an appearance at Pelican Point, but we are hoping for a visit.


Welcome, "Shrek"!

Please welcome our new kayaking Land Rover Shrek. Shrek has space for 10 passengers. The vehicle has been all over the world with the british army, including Iraq and Falklands.


10 Foot Waves at Donkey Bay

Today, probably 80 professional surfers from all over the world came to Walvis Bay to surf the famous Donkey Bay wave. Swell was predicted to be exceptionally big, and businesses at the Walvis Bay Waterfront and Swakopmund got damaged. Luckily it did not affect our kayaking site - we went out as usual and we got to play with the Bottlenose dolphins. Even the jelly fish came for protection inside the bay.


Our trailer

One of the wheels came off our trailer this morning. Luckily we could load our Kayaks on the back of our bakkie, and by now our guests are kayaking with seals and dolphins. Sometimes we just have to make a plan....

Trailer Breakdown

Old Flares discovered at Pelican Point

Naude and Jens found this cache of unshot boat flares at Pelican Point today. Over 100 flares which expired in 1979 were buried deep in the sand and got washed open by recent high tides next to the jetty. The Walvis Bay bomb squad came out to remove them later.


Seal Bulls starting to arrive.

It's almost breeding season for the seals, and today we saw the first of the Big Boy bulls coming to the beach to get ready for mating. This guy probably weighs in excess of 300 kg!


Misty Mornings.

Misty mornings are ideal for some black and white photography. We have a big group of flamingoes joining us every morning amongst the seals. Beautiful.

IMG_9303.CR2 IMG_9322.CR2

Time change in Namibia

Namibia changed to summer time last sunday morning. Our departure time stays the same, so we get to paddle extra early at the moment. It was well worth it - we had fantastic weather, lovely paddlers, and Naude got to use his brand new camera.

IMG_0099 IMG_0031IMG_0050 IMG_0043IMG_0047

Waterfront under Water

Huge waves gave our Waterfront a big hiding today. The water was extremely rough and forced boat operators to load their boats from a different jetty. Some of the waves pushed water into our office and the restaurant next door. The whole town came to watch this spectacle. Archie’s jetty from Laramon Tours got a bit damaged. After tomorrow, things should be back to normal. Our Kayaking tours were luckily not affected.


Pelican Point Mystery

This morning, we were able to witness a weird phenomenon. About 200 meters of beach disappeared at Pelican Point. We are not sure why, but the beach has stabilized again. We posted a video on our Facebook page, here are 2 pictures. You can even see our tyre tracks in the sand, a few minutes after Nico and Naude drove past the beach was gone.

vlcsnap-842216 vlcsnap-842394

New Kayaks

Our two brand new Prodigy II 14.5 kayaks arrived from South Africa today. We named them Aquarius and Pisces, and we will take them for their first paddle on friday. They even have a little kiddies seat each for very small children. We will check it out with our 3 year old son and our 2 year old daughter as soon as we have some time.


Seal Taxi

This little seal pup caught a lift with one of Jeanne’s Kayaks this morning. The water is vey cold at the moment - we fully understand!


Fishing boats

East weather days have a mirror affect on the water. Ships in the bay appear to be much closer than they actually are. This ship was probably 3 km away from our Kayak this morning.


East Weather

Strong East weather on the coast forced us to delay our Kayaking to the afternoon. As soon as the wind died, we have the most amazing afternoon playing with the seals.



So it's not only seals, dolphins and whales that keep us busy on the kayaking tours. An unusual amount of jellyfish are present around pelican point at the moment too.... This picture was taken underwater with Naude's GoPro.


We are online!

Today we managed to upload our brand new website with lots of information on our tours. We will work on it for a while, but please let us know if there is anything missing. We have finished our logo - do you like it?

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