Jul 2013

New Kayaks

Our two brand new Prodigy II 14.5 kayaks arrived from South Africa today. We named them Aquarius and Pisces, and we will take them for their first paddle on friday. They even have a little kiddies seat each for very small children. We will check it out with our 3 year old son and our 2 year old daughter as soon as we have some time.


Seal Taxi

This little seal pup caught a lift with one of Jeanne’s Kayaks this morning. The water is vey cold at the moment - we fully understand!


Fishing boats

East weather days have a mirror affect on the water. Ships in the bay appear to be much closer than they actually are. This ship was probably 3 km away from our Kayak this morning.


East Weather

Strong East weather on the coast forced us to delay our Kayaking to the afternoon. As soon as the wind died, we have the most amazing afternoon playing with the seals.



So it's not only seals, dolphins and whales that keep us busy on the kayaking tours. An unusual amount of jellyfish are present around pelican point at the moment too.... This picture was taken underwater with Naude's GoPro.


We are online!

Today we managed to upload our brand new website with lots of information on our tours. We will work on it for a while, but please let us know if there is anything missing. We have finished our logo - do you like it?

PPK Logo