Aug 2013

Waterfront under Water

Huge waves gave our Waterfront a big hiding today. The water was extremely rough and forced boat operators to load their boats from a different jetty. Some of the waves pushed water into our office and the restaurant next door. The whole town came to watch this spectacle. Archie’s jetty from Laramon Tours got a bit damaged. After tomorrow, things should be back to normal. Our Kayaking tours were luckily not affected.


Pelican Point Mystery

This morning, we were able to witness a weird phenomenon. About 200 meters of beach disappeared at Pelican Point. We are not sure why, but the beach has stabilized again. We posted a video on our Facebook page, here are 2 pictures. You can even see our tyre tracks in the sand, a few minutes after Nico and Naude drove past the beach was gone.

vlcsnap-842216 vlcsnap-842394