Welcome to Pelican Point Kayaking!

Every morning, we pack our kayaks and join our seals and dolphins for a paddle at the tip of the remote Pelican Point peninsula. On the 4x4 drive to our Kayaking site, we get to see the Walvis Bay wetlands with plenty of birds including Flamigoes and Pelicans, and the salt mine which is one of the biggest in the world.

Pelican Point provides a home to up to 50.000 Cape Fur seals, lots of Heaviside's and Bottlenose dolphins, black-backed jackals, flamingoes, pelicans and even the brown hyena. The Pelican Point lighthouse, erected nearly 100 years ago, still casts a guiding light to sailors during the night.

Our seals are very playful and curious, and love to interact with our kayaks. Usually they come up to us to play with our paddles and to splash water at us. On a kayak, you become part of the ocean without disturbing the wildlife. The animals do not see us as a threat in any way, and therefore we have to opportunity to enjoy them 100% in their natural state.

Please contact us for more information or if you would like to join us!

Naude, Francois, Schalk & Katja

Call or sms +264 81 149 7377